embroidery chain stitch

Embroidery is a captivating art form that offers a multitude of stitching techniques, each adding its unique charm to creations. One such technique is the embroidery chain stitch—a classic and versatile stitch that can be used for outlining, filling, and creating textured effects. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of the embroidery chain stitch, equipping you with the knowledge to master this beautiful stitch in your embroidery projects.

Embroidery Chain Stitch:

A Closer Look:

  1. Understanding the Chain Stitch:

    The chain stitch is characterized by a series of looped stitches that resemble interlocking chains. This stitch imparts a textured appearance, making it ideal for creating contours, lines, and even intricate patterns.

  2. Materials Needed:

    • Embroidery hoop
    • Fabric
    • Embroidery needle
    • Embroidery thread
  3. Step-by-Step Guide:

    a. Starting Point:

    • Bring the threaded needle up from the backside of the fabric at the starting point of your stitch.
    • Insert the needle back into the same point, creating a small loop on the surface.

    b. Loop Formation:

    • Bring the needle up from underneath the fabric, slightly ahead of the loop’s starting point.
    • Pass the needle through the loop created in the first step.

    c. Creating the Chain:

    • While holding the loop gently with your non-dominant hand, pull the needle through the loop to tighten the stitch.
    • Continue the process by inserting the needle from underneath the fabric slightly ahead of the tightened loop and repeating the loop and pull motion.

    d. Maintaining Consistency:

    • To achieve a uniform appearance, make sure each loop is of consistent size and tension.
  4. Variations and Applications:

    • Single Chain Stitch: Each loop is stitched individually, creating a neat and uniform chain.
    • Double Chain Stitch: Two parallel chains are created side by side, adding depth and texture to designs.
    • Open Chain Stitch: Loops are left slightly open, allowing for a lacy and delicate effect.
  5. Tips for Success:

    • Practice on scrap fabric to become comfortable with the stitch’s rhythm and tension.
    • Experiment with different thread thicknesses and textures to achieve diverse effects.
    • Keep the stitches loose enough to allow flexibility in the chain.


The embroidery chain stitch is a versatile technique that lends an enchanting texture and dimension to your embroidery projects. Whether you’re outlining intricate designs, adding contours, or creating patterns that pop, mastering the chain stitch will elevate your embroidery skills to new heights. With practice and patience, you’ll create stunning creations that reflect your artistic flair.

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