how to tie embroidery needle

Embroidery, a delicate blend of creativity and technique, starts with the fundamental step of preparing your embroidery needle. Tying an embroidery needle correctly ensures that your thread remains secure while you work on your intricate designs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to tie an embroidery needle with precision and confidence, setting the stage for flawless stitching.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Tying an Embroidery Needle

  1. Gather Your Materials:

    • Embroidery needle
    • Embroidery thread (desired color)
    • Scissors
  2. Selecting the Thread:

    • Choose a thread color that complements your fabric and design. Cut a suitable length of thread, usually around 18 to 24 inches, to avoid tangling.
  3. Preparing the Needle:

    • Thread the embroidery needle with one end of the cut thread, leaving the other end loose.
  4. Creating the Initial Knot:

    • Hold both ends of the thread together and make a small loop at the end, about 2-3 inches from the loose ends.
    • Pass the needle through the loop, creating a knot at the base of the loop.
  5. Securing the Knot:

    • Hold the loop and the loose ends together, pulling the needle through until the knot tightens against the fabric.
  6. Trimming the Excess Thread:

    • Gently tug the loose ends to tighten the knot against the fabric.
    • Use scissors to trim any excess thread close to the knot, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance.
  7. Commence Embroidering:

    • Begin your embroidery by positioning the knotted end of the thread on the backside of the fabric. This prevents the knot from showing through your design.

Additional Tips:

  • Practice knot tying on scrap fabric to perfect your technique before working on your main project.
  • Knots should be tight enough to secure the thread but not so tight that they distort the fabric.
  • For larger designs or projects requiring multiple thread changes, you can secure the loose ends of the thread by running them under previous stitches on the backside of the fabric.


Tying an embroidery needle correctly is the foundational step that paves the way for successful stitching and impeccable designs. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll master the art of tying an embroidery needle with precision and ease. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced embroiderer, this technique will elevate your embroidery journey and lead to remarkable creations.

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